Friday October 7, 2022
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Metro Crime Maps Updated to Show Crime in Parks

Credit: Louisville Metro Police

Credit: LMPD

Louisville Metro Government has updated their online crime map to now show crimes that take place within the city’s parks.

Previously, crimes committed within parks were reported with the location given by GPS coordinates.  Unfortunately, however, the crime map accepted only physical address.  As a result of this map limitation, crimes in parks were displayed as having occurred in a parking lot at 5th and Liberty streets, the geographic coordinate for “The City of Louisville.”

According to the Metro Government’s news release, this change stems from questions that arose after the recent crimes that started in Waterfront Park and moved into parts of downtown.  The city’s maps show Part I FBI crimes — the most serious charges that includes homicides, auto theft, assaults, vandalism and robbery.  Although the map now displays crime locations more accurately than they were before upgrade, due to the large area covered by the parks, crimes will show as a single pin at the park’s address.  To see all crimes from a given park, users should click on the pin within that park.

The Metro Crime Maps page is here.

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