Wednesday March 29, 2023
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Metro Council Members Outline Opposition to LG&E Franchise Fee

Republican Members Outline Cumulative Cost of Various Proposed Taxes and Fees

Nine members of the Louisville Metro Council have declared their opposition to the proposed $3.8 million Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) Franchise Fee Proposal. To illustrate their opposition, members present at the press conference distributed information showing how government gradually takes more money from each household despite slow economic time

Since 2013, the average household in Louisville has been asked to pay $403.22 in additional state and local taxes and fees. These fees include requests for additional funding for MSD and JCPS, not to mention efforts to increase taxes through the establishment of a new Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) and a tax on Insurance for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Each of these changes was presented as minor taxes or fees that will not adversely hurt the population. Unfortunately, the cumulative effect can crush a family budget and force people to make cuts to essential household needs.” – Councilman Kevin Kramer, District 1

Many people have written to the Council to ask us to live within our budget, just as they are required to live within their own budget. This caused us to focus on all the ways government and quasi-governmental agencies have tried to add to the burden of taxpayers, usually sold under the premise of costing taxpayers only about the same as a cup of coffee. The information provided today shows how all these additional taxes and fees add up to really hurt our families.” – Councilwoman Marilyn Parker, District 18

We are being nickel and dimed to death by a constant flow of new government regulations, taxes and fees. Taking each as an isolated case doesn’t sound bad, but in its totality, we are losing our freedom to control our own destinies. The political mindset of those in government is hypocritical, as they claim to be for the working families, yet regularly focus on reducing their power to provide for their family.” – Councilman Ken Fleming, District

Our citizens have spoken loudly on this issue. They want government at all levels to live within its means, just as they do. People have to make hard decisions, after meeting their basic needs, on how they might afford things they want. They know how to do without the extras. Metro needs to follow that example and live within our expected 3.8% revenue increase, which is greater than the overwhelming majority of our citizens will see in their checks.” – Councilman Jerry Miller, District 19

Nine members of the Louisville Metro Council, including eight members of the Minority Caucus, have announced their opposition to the proposed LG&E franchise fee being imposed on residents of the community.

View the PDF of the council’s materials on the taxes & fees’ impact on individuals.

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