Wednesday December 7, 2022
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Other Elections This November

VoteThis year’s General Election in Kentucky not only has a very important US Senate Seat race happening, there are also many elections that directly effect Louisville.  There are multiple US House of Representative seats being contested, as well as many Kentucky State Congress seats and a lot of judicial seats.   More information on the US Senate race and voter registration is available on Louisville Dispatch website.

For people living in Louisville, the following is a list of the legislative elections and some of the judicial elections that will be happening within the county (there are so many judicial positions this year that the list below will only show the positions that have an actual contest).  You will need to check your voter registration card to determine the district in which you are located.  You will be able to view a sample ballot  for your location on the Jefferson County election center website.  Each district may have additional items on their ballot, such as School Board, Sheriff and Coroner.

US House of Represtatives

District 1

 Charles Hatchett (D)
Ed Whitfield (R)

 District 2

Ron Leach (D)
 Brett Guthrie (R)

 District 3

 John Yarmuth (D)
Gregory Puccetti (I)
Michael Macfarlane (R)

 District 4

Peter Newberry (D)
Thomas Massie (R)

 District 5

 Kenneth Stepp (D)
Hal Rogers (R)

 District 6

 Elisabeth Jensen (D)
Andy Barr (R)

State Senate

District 10

Dennis Parrett (D)

District 20

Paul Hornback (R)

District 26

Ernie harris (R)

District 36

Siddique Malik (D)
Julie Adams (R)

District 38

Dan Seum (R)

State House of Representatives

District 28

Charles Miller (D)

District 29

Dave Stengel (D)
Kevin Bratcher (R)

District 30

Tom Burch (D)

District 31

Steve Riggs (D)
Nicholas Simon (R)

District 32

Ashley Miller (D)
Phil Moffett (R)

District 33

Ron Crimm (R)

District 34

Mary Lou Marzian (D)
Michael McNair (R)

District 35

Jim Wayne (D)
Carl Nett (R)

District 36

Debbie Barber (D)
Jerry Miller (R)

District 37

Jeffery Donohue (D)
Mark Wilson (R)

District 38

Denny Butler (D)

District 40

Dennis Horlander (D)
Ronald Seiter (R)

District 41

Tom Riner (D)

District 42

Reginald Meeks (D)
James Howland (R)

District 43

Darryl Owens (D)
Corley Everett (R)

District 44

Joni Jenkins (D)

District 46

Larry Clark (D)
David Rainey (R)

District 48

Gretchen Hunt (D)
Bob DeWeese (R)

Court of Appeals

District 4, 2nd Division

Denise Guess Clayton
Stan Whetzel

Circuit Judges – 30th Circuit

Division 1

Barry Willett
Stuart Pearlman

Division 13

Sandy Berman
Ann Bailey Smith

Family Court – 30th Circuit

Division 1

Angela Johnson
Lauren Adams Ogden

Division 3

Ellie Garcia Kerstetter
Deborah DeWeese

Division 5

Stuart A. Scherer
Tara Hagerty

Division 6

A. Christine Ward
Stephanie L. Morgan-White

Division 7

Denise Brown
Dennis Burke

Division 8

Mark Hyatt Gaston, Sr.
Deana McDonald

District Judge – 30th Circuit

Division 1

Annette Karem
Nichole Taylor Compton

Division 2

Josh P. Schneider
Amber B. Wolf

Division 3

Sandra L. McLaughlin
Matthew K. Eckert

Division 5

Donald E. Armstrong, Jr.
Jennifer Leibson

Division 8

Josephine Layne Buckner
David P. Bowles

Division 11

Gina Kay Calvert
Susan Jones

Division 12

Eric Haner
James Michael Green

Division 13

Ann Schiavone Dyke
Anne Delahanty

Division 14

Stephanie Pearce Burke
Andre L. Bergeron

Division 16

Claudia Ann Smith
Katie King

Division 17

Dana Michelle Cohen
Erica Lee Williams

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