Sunday September 19, 2021
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KFC Yum! Center Received Free Water

LouisvilleWaterThe Louisville Water Company failed to read one of the meters in the KFC Yum! Center for the past four years. The result is the approximately $100,000 worth of water and sewer charges were not collected. The error is the result of an incorrectly submitted application that the arena filed which placed the meter under the water company’s watch.

A company policy does not allow the water company to pursue charges that over two year past due, but they were able to collect about $38,500 after negotiations with the Louisville Arena Authority, less than half of what the charges for the past two years totaled.

Louisville Metro Council President, David Tandy, believes the arrangement is reasonable since the water company recovered some of the money it was owed and the arena was not forced to pay a bill it was not expecting.


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