Wednesday December 7, 2022
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Louisville Metro Council Approves New Costco on Bardstown Road

Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) has released the following statement after the Louisville Metro Council gave its approval to a zoning request for Costco to build a new store on Bardstown Road on the site of the old Showcase Cinemas:

“I want to thank everyone on the Metro Council for their vote and support of this project. Costco will be a wonderful addition to this area of Bardstown Road. The Company not only offers quality products to consumers but is also a great employer, especially in its treatment of its employees.

While I know everyone has fond memories of the Showcase Cinemas, for too long this vacant piece of property has been a concern of those who have hoped for a revitalization of the area. I have said many times, Costco will be a game changer and will show renewed interest in retail for this very well established area. To think until now, there has not been any retail opportunities provided for this 19 acre parcel over many years that we will now see changes to allow residents of my district and a major part of the city to access a new 153,000 square foot retail center is great news.

I want to thank everyone who has helped bring this to a reality, I want to thank the members of the Planning Commission, the Council’s Planning and Zoning Committee, the leadership of Committee Chair Madonna Flood (D-24), the economic development people in the Mayor’s office and of course Costco. Their willingness to be part of District 10 and their commitment to grow in Metro Louisville is exemplar: a true model.”

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