Thursday March 30, 2023
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Metro Council Meetings for the week of September 21st


Ad Hoc Committee on the Land Development Code – Monday, September 21st 3:00pm

The Committee will continue its review of revisions to the Land Development Code of Louisville Metro Government. The Committee has three ordinances that it will review.


Committee on Sustainability – Thursday, September 24th 3:00pm

The Committee will review three Resolutions which involve a Memorandum of Agreement with the Metropolitan Sewer District involving stipends for the Green Infrastructure Project for the following areas:

  • $185,030 for West market Street Phase II
  • $52,935 for 315 to 360 West Oak Street
  • $70,965 for 3800 to 3900 West Market Street Pilot Project


Committee of the Whole – Thursday, September 24th 5:15pm

The Committee will review the Council agenda for the evening meeting. This Committee meeting is not televised and meets in the First Floor Conference Room.

The Committee agenda is pending.

Council meeting – Thursday, September 24th 6:00pm

This is the regular meeting of the Louisville Metro Council.

The agenda is pending.

Meeting times are subject to change. Agendas are followed at the discretion of the Chair of each Committee. While an item may be listed, it does not mean all items will be acted upon by a committee.

To review all agendas of the committees of the Louisville Metro Council, go to the Metro Council Clerk’s web page at:

All meetings are aired live on Metro TV Insight cable Channel 25 and Channel 99 for UVERSE subscribers. Meetings are also streamlined on the Metro Council’s website. Go to:  and click on the “Watch Meetings Online” icon.

For More Information Contact:

Tony Hyatt: 574-4137 / 526-3622

Stephen Haag: 574-1204 / 645-1752

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