Saturday December 10, 2022
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Joint Statement On State Decision About The Economy Inn

Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) and Patrick Carrico, President of the Bon Air Neighborhood Association have issued the following joint statement after learning of the decision by a State Hearing Officer that the Economy Inn must be re-inspected:

“We are disappointed!

It seems this is a continuation of a cycle that has now lasted almost ten years of inspect, fail, appeal, re –inspect, pass, surprise inspection, fail, appeal and pass. One would think that after all this time; the Economy Inn would have gotten its act together and become a safe place for lodging.

It boggles the mind!

Our disappointment is compounded by the state hearing where it appears the Hearing Officer took the Economy Inn’s owners at their word about repairs being made at the facility. A simple online search recently shows one company that apparently did repairs is no longer operating and there are some serious questions as to whether the repairs were done according to state law. There are also concerns as to whether similar repairs are going on at a Clarksville, Indiana establishment owned by the same people.

It is time to see work orders for these renovations that have been done by certified professionals and inspected and approved according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. If a state inspector could be allowed to enter the facility to check those repairs that issue might be resolved.

We can only say that while our local Health Department has come out again with strong warning words of closing if the facility does not improve, it should be noted the community is serious about this. We must also remember the people who are living at Economy Inn and what they must deal with under this cycle mentioned before.

It is time to do the right thing and fix the continuing problems at the Economy Inn. No more window dressing and no more claims of being victims who are being singled out. The neighborhoods surrounding the Economy Inn deserve better and they are going to make sure the right thing is done if the owners decide not to act.”

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