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Metro Council Meetings For The Week Of October 12th

Planning & Zoning – Tuesday, October 13th 1:30pm

The Committee has one item on its agenda dealing with closing portions of Woodlawn Avenue, Nevada Avenue, Park Boulevard, Crittenden Drive, Hiawatha Avenue, Orange Drive and Rose Drive. Case No 13STREETS1007

While items may be on the agenda for this Committee, this does not mean all items will be acted upon or discussed. Please check with the Committee Chair prior to the beginning of the meeting.


Public Works, Bridges and Transportation – Tuesday, October 13th 3:00pm

The Committee has the following items on its agenda:

·       A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement and receive a stipend from the Kentucky Regional Planning and Development Agency in the amount of $130,000 to support technical or professional planning/data collection services as indicated in the Kentucky regional Planning and Development Agency’s  Fiscal Year 2016 Unified Planning Work Program

·       An Ordinance amending the Metro Code of Ordinances to add Suburban Fire Districts to properties exempt from MSD Drainage Service Charges

·       A Resolution consenting to the transfer of Insight Kentucky Partner II, L.P., from Time Warner Cable Inc. to Charter Communications, Inc. and authorizing the Mayor to execute a settlement agreement with Insight Kentucky Partner II, L.P., an assumption  agreement with Charter Communications, Inc.

·       A resolution relating to the Metropolitan Sewer District Floodplain Buy Out Program

·       An Ordinance amending the code of ordinances regarding historical landmarks and preservation districts as it relates to the salvage and preservation of brick pavers removed from streets and alleys


Labor & Economic Development – Tuesday, October 13th 4:00pm

The Committee will hear from Bill Meeks, Executive Director for the Labor Management Committee.

The Committee has the following items on its agenda:

·       A Resolution involving three parcels of property at 1300 and 1306 Bardstown Road

·       A Resolution involving two parcels of property at the intersection of Muhammad Ali Blvd., 30th Street and West Market Street


Appropriations NDF’s CIF’s – Tuesday, October 13th 5:00pm

The Committee will review grant requests for Neighborhood Development Funds and Capital Infrastructure Funds of the 26 districts of the Louisville Metro Council.


Community Affairs – Wednesday, October 14th 1:30pm

The Committee will have a special discussion and receive updates on abandoned and vacant property in Metro Louisville. The Committee will hear from:

  •  Tim Barry, Louisville Metro Housing – Housing Issues
  • Robert Kirschdorfer, Inspections, Permits and License (IPL) – Metro Housing Issues
  • Latondra Yates, Land Bank – Metro Housing Issues
  • Jeana Dunlap, Vacant and Abandoned Properties – Housing Issues


Health, Education & Housing – Wednesday, October 14th 2:30pm

The Committee will have two special discussion items for its meeting:

  •  Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Melinda Townsend-Breslin, American Cancer Society and Barb Kruse of J. Graham Brown Cancer Center
  • Hands Up CPR – Debbie Fox, MetroSafe


Government Accountability & Ethics – Wednesday, October 14th 4:30pm

The Committee will receive an update from Jessica Montgomery – Louisville Metro Animal Services.


Committee on Contracts/ Appointments – Thursday, October 15th 3:00pm

The Committee will review pending contracts and appointments to Boards and Commissions of Metro Government. The Committee will also review an Ordinance establishing the Louisville Metro Cemetery Board.


Budget – Thursday, October 15th 5:00pm

The Committee has the following items on its agenda:

  •  An Ordinance amending the Fiscal Year 2015- 2016 Capital Budget to rename paving projects in D15 to paving and sidewalk projects
  • An Ordinance dealing with the issuance of General obligation Bonds for Public Projects and setting the terms and conditions for issuing those bonds
  • An Ordinance relating to the Fiscal Year 2015- 2016 Operating Budget restricting changes to the organizational structure and functions of Neighborhood Place


Meeting times are subject to change. Agendas are followed at the discretion of the Chair of each Committee. While an item may be listed, it does not mean all items will be acted upon by a committee.

To review all agendas of the committees of the Louisville Metro Council, go to the Metro Council Clerk’s web page.

All meetings are aired live on Metro TV Insight cable Channel 25 and Channel 99 for UVERSE subscribers. Meetings are also streamlined on the Metro Council’s website. Go to:  and click on the “Watch Meetings Online” icon.

For more information contact:

Tony Hyatt 574-4137 / 526-3622

Stephen Haag: 574-1204  / 645-1752

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