Wednesday December 7, 2022
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Blanket Firearm Ban at KFC Yum! Center Lifted

photo credit: Jamesmac96

photo credit: Jamesmac96

After being challenged by the Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition, or KC3, the blanket ban on weapons at the downtown KFC Yum! Center has been lifted.

Following yesterday’s board meeting, the Louisville Arena Authority had agreed to bring their policy on bringing legally carried weapons, such as firearms, into compliance with state law – which prohibits public agencies from restricting the licensed carry of weapons on their premises.

Although the blanket prohibition on firearms has been lifted, restrictions still remain.  For instance, University of Louisville events held at the Yum! center will still be gun-free and promotors will have the option to prohibit weapons at other events for which they have leased the center.

AEG Facilities, the company contracted to manage the Yum! Center, issued a statement saying that “[t]he arena intends to adhere to all federal, state and local regulations” and that it “will allow each event promoter or tour management company who leases the building for an event to determine the venue’s firearms policy on a show-by-show basis.”  Although the facilities themselves are operated by a public agency, private lessees of the facilities are able to regulate weapons during the time for which they have leased them under KRS 237.110.

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