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Councilwoman Woolridge To Join Kappa Alpha Psi And Bring Holiday Cheer To Families In Need

Christmas Baskets to be delivered on Saturday, December 19th

Councilwoman Mary C. Woolridge will join members of the Louisville (KY) Alumni and Alpha Omicron (Undergraduate Members at the University of Louisville) Chapters of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and the Louisville Kappa League for a very special task on Saturday, December 19th.

Their holiday mission is to deliver Christmas Meal Baskets to needy families throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

“The holiday season is a time of giving from those of us who can help to those in need.  There are many families in our community who would not have a good holiday if it were not for the generosity of others,” says Woolridge.  “Kappa Alpha Psi is a dedicated organization of caring individuals in our city who understand this need and I am honored to work with them.”

Kappa Alpha Psi began this annual initiative after deciding those in need should not go without food on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Joining Councilwoman Woolridge and the Fraternity in this effort are First Choice Food Market, which is located in District 3, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, and the National Association for Black Veterans (NABVETS). 

“We are thankful for Councilwoman Woolridge – for all the support that she gives to Kappa and the compassion that she shows to the residents of our city,” says Noah L. Lucas, President of the Louisville (KY) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.  “Compassion, community service, and giving are all ingredients to a healthy and blessed holiday spirit.  Our fraternity has a rich tradition of community service, especially at this time of year.  The Councilwoman continues her tradition of being a supporting partner year after year.  We are delighted to continue this collaboration with the Councilwoman, First Choice Food Market, Big Brother Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, and the National Association for Black Veterans (NABVETS).”

Kappa Alpha Psi has already identified the families in need and on Saturday, will deliver Christmas baskets with food to cook a full course meal that will feed at least four people.  Since 1984, over 1,150 baskets have been delivered during the holidays.  This equates to over 39,500 pounds of food.

“Kappa Alpha Psi provides a great benefit to the community and they are also using this program as a teaching moment.  I commend the members for showing younger members the positive benefits of community service,” says Woolridge.  “While this is a special time of year, we must always remember those who are less fortunate who need a helping hand.”

The Louisville (KY) Alumni and Alpha Omicron chapters of Kappa Alpha Psi will purchase food items to create the boxes to be packaged and delivered from First Choice Food Market.  Each box will represent one of the 10 founders of the 104 year old fraternity.  Kappa will also deliver baskets to widows of the fraternity’s members who have passed away.  Members of Kappa Alpha Psi’s youth mentoring program – Louisville Kappa League will also play a big role in preparation and delivery of the baskets.

“Achievement is one of the mottos that we live by and build upon, and that’s what we are doing with the young men that we mentor – we are training them to achieve in all human endeavors – with compassion and selflessness at the forefront.  We are training them to achieve common goals as a team and cohesive unit, or what we like to call – as a family.  We instill in them that, achievement through community service and giving back is at the core of a true leader,” says Noah L. Lucas.

Here is the schedule for the Kappa Christmas Meal Giveaway on Saturday, December 19, 2015:

  9:00 AM                       Meet at First Choice Food Market for set up

10:00 AM-12:00 PM       Delivery of Baskets to Families

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