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Metro Council Meetings For The Week Of December 7th

Ad Hoc Committee on Annexation – Monday, December 7th 4:00pm

This is a special meeting of the Committee. There will be a discussion item concerning special service districts.


Planning & Zoning – Tuesday, December 8th 1:30pm

The Committee has the following ordinances under review:

  • Street Name Change:
    •  A portion of Fairmont Road to its western terminus at Floyd Fork Creek to Broad Run parkway and Valley Vista (Case No. 15STREETS1011)
    • A portion of Stout Road from Broad Run Road northwest to 8200 Stout Road to Turkey Run Parkway (Case No. 15STREETS1012)
    • Changing all of a portion of names for the following Streets: Cedar lane, Elm Drive, Evergreen Avenue, Lake Louisville Drive, Walnut Avenue, Witlow Avenue, and Woodland Avenue (Case No. 15STREETS 1019)
  • Street Closings
    • A portion of Emery Road from Riedling Road to its southeast terminus (Case No. 15STREETS1007)
    • Chamberlain Lane from Mint Spring Branch Road east to Brownsboro Road (Case No. 15STREETS1015)
  • Alley Closings
    • The 10’ wide alley on the north side of Iowa Avenue, 110 degrees west from the Westside of Fourth Street (Case No. 15STREETS1016)
    • The 12’ wide alley bounded by North Liberty Street and Muhammad Ali Blvd and the 12’ wide alley bounded by South Third Street (Case No. 15STREETS1006)

While items may be on the agenda for this Committee, this does not mean all items will be acted upon or discussed.  Please check with the Committee Chair prior to the beginning of the meeting.


Public Works, Bridges, and Transportation – Tuesday, December 8th 3:00pm

The Committee will receive an update on downtown sidewalks from Metro Public Works and Assets. The Committee also has the following items under review:

  • A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for the design phase of the Hill Street Sidewalk Rehabilitation Project.
  • An Ordinance amending the Metro Code of Ordinances dealing with yard waste
  • A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into a grant agreement to provide $7,500 to the Bridgegate Residents Association, Inc. for the removal of sediment from the Bridgegate Retention Basin
  • A Resolution requesting MSD to create a flood plain buyout program.
  • An Ordinance amending the code of ordinances regarding historical landmarks and preservation districts as it relates to the salvage and preservation of brick pavers removed from streets and alleys


Labor & Economic Development – Tuesday, December 8th 4:00pm

The Committee has the following items up for review:

  • Two Resolutions to grant local inducements
    • Firstgroup USA
    • Keebler Company
  • A Resolution approving the budget of the Louisville Downtown management District from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016
  • A Resolution involving two parcels of property at the intersection of Muhammad Ali Blvd., 30th Street and West Market Street


Appropriations NDF’s CIF’s – Tuesday, December 8th 5:00pm

The Committee will review grant requests for Neighborhood Development Funds and Capital Infrastructure Funds of the 26 districts of the Louisville Metro Council.


Public Safety – Wednesday, December 9th 3:30pm

This is the regular meeting of the Committee. The agenda is pending.

Committee on Contracts /Appointments – Thursday, December 10th 3:00pm

The Committee will review pending contracts and proposed appointments to the Boards and Commission of Metro Government.


Budget – Thursday, December 10th 5:00pm

The Committee has several items under review:

  • An Ordinance making budget transfers from the Public Works Budget to the District 6 Capital Infrastructure Fund Budget. Also a transfer from the District 6 CIF Budget to the District 6 NDF Budget and the a transfer From the District 6 NDF Budget to the District 6 General Operations Budget
  • An Ordinance making a budget transfer from the District 16 NDF Budget to the District 16 CIF Budget
  • An Ordinance approving the Jefferson County Clerk’s 2016 Budget
  • An Ordinance approving the Jefferson County Sheriff’s 2016 Budget


Meeting times are subject to change. Agendas are followed at the discretion of the Chair of each Committee. While an item may be listed, it does not mean a vote will be taken by a committee.

To review all agendas of the committees of the Louisville Metro Council, go to the Metro Council Clerk’s web page at:

All meetings are aired live on Metro TV Insight cable Channel 25 and Channel 99 for UVERSE subscribers. Meetings are streamed live on the Metro Council’s website. Go to:  and click on the “Watch Meetings Online” icon.

For more information contact:

Tony Hyatt 574-4137 / 526-3622

Stephen Haag: 574-1204  / 645-1752

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