Thursday March 30, 2023
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Bevin Keeps Promise on Kynect

New Governor Matt Bevin wrote a letter to the US Department of Health and Human Services that stated his intentions to close the state health insurance exchange, Kynect, and transition to the federal exchange.

Governor Bevin made the promise during his campaign to election and he intends to keep the promise. A spokeswoman for Bevin said the people of Kentucky are paying for a website that only 2% of the state’s population currently uses. No one will be affected during this current enrollment period, but the changes may be noticeable at the end of the year when the new period starts.

Supporters of Kynect believe that the state exchange helps many people get insurance that otherwise would not be able to get it. Some examples include the homeless and those who do not speak English well. The cases are complex, require a lot of extra assistance to the get the insurance. Supporters also believe the switch to the federal exchange will result in increases in premium costs and operating costs at the state level.

Bevin’s office has not yet released the plans on the transition will work, but believes the switch will reduce spending at the state level.

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