Friday June 2, 2023
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Louisville Drops to #39 in Bed Bug List

Orkin, a nationally known company for pest-control, releases a list every year of cities that received the most bed bug treatments. Orkin has found bed bugs in all fifty states and states that they can easily travel from location to location in luggage, stuffed animals, and other personal effects. The insects, despite their name, are not limited to the bed. They have even found the critters in electrical outlets in some locations.

Chicago ranks number one again for the fourth year in a row. In general, the Mid-West has more than any other region and multiple cities in Ohio and Kentucky are found on the list.

Some neighbors on the list include Cincinnati, OH (#8), Indianapolis, IN (#15), and Lexington, KY (#33). Louisville has dropped significantly on the list from last year, #22 to #39. Despite efforts, bed bugs are a growing problem throughout the country, and an expensive problem. In 2013, Americans spent over $400 million in the treatment of bed bugs.

This image shows a common hiding place for bed bugs in the ribbing of a mattress especially around the corners.

Photo from the CDC

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of people and other animals. The bugs are small, red-brown in color, wingless, and can survive several months without feeding. People can respond to the bites differently and most people just have normal small bug bites that resemble mosquito bites. Some people can be allergic to the bites and should seek medical attention.

Bed bugs are not known to spread any disease, but the itching caused by the bites may result in loss of sleep and secondary skin infections due to excessive scratching.

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