Wednesday March 29, 2023
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Katina Powell Being Sued

“Breaking Cardinal Rules” author, Katina Powell, is being sued by some University of Louisville students and some people mentioned in the book. The students claim that their degree worth less than what they were before the book was published due to the nature of the book.

Powell’s laywers argued in court this week that the lawsuit should be thrown out because there is no evidence of damages to the students. Lawyers also said they believe Powell is being blamed unfairly. Powell’s lawyers as as the lawyers for the book publisher also argued that Kentucky has no jurisdiction in the case since the book was written and published in Indiana.

Lawyers for the students argued that current students are victims of insults and embarrassment, and this negative view of the school effects the quality of their degrees. Lawyers for the students, in response to the jurisdiction of the case, argued that the witnesses live in Jefferson County or have strong ties to the area, that having the case tried in Jefferson County will be the simplest option.

Whether or not the students have a case is still being determined by Jefferson County Judge Mitch Perry. Judge Perry said he will not make a decision this week.

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