Friday September 29, 2023
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Muhammad Ali Center Receives Gift

Earlier today, the Muhammad Ali Center announced that the UPS Foundation has gifted then center $500,000. The money will be used to fund education initiatives and the Council of Students.

Some of the programs that will receive funding are:

  • UCrew – a program that helps students develop the necessary skills and tools needed to start a small enterprise, and to generate profits that can be used to address social issues, such as poverty.
  • Generation Ali – a program that is guided by the six principles that Ali followed. The program is also designed to help students become leaders and understand how to fight for a cause.
  • Creating Out Future – designed for middle and high school young adults to understand the six principles of Ali’s life and how to use them in their future planning.
  • Council of Students – a program for students who participate in service work to help them develop skills, such as how to work in projects and develop leadership.

More information about the programs can be found on the Ali Center website.

The UPS Foundation was founded in 1951 by UPS founder, Jim Casey, to help build stronger communities around the world. More information about the Foundation can be found on the UPS website.

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