Wednesday March 29, 2023
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UofL Board of Trustees Are Dismissed

Governor Matt Bevin, after months of talking with University of Louisville President James Ramsey, issued an executive order that dismissed the UofL Board of Trustees that were appointed. The members that were elected by students and faculty will remain. Governor Bevin will appoint a three-member team to serve for two weeks until the new board can be appointed.

The new board will consist of 13 members; 10 of which will be appointed by the Governor. Along with the dismantling of the board, President Ramsey also submitted a letter of resignation to the Governor, which will take effect as soon as the new board is appointed.

The order comes after multiple scandals at the university: the basketball-escort scandal, the dean at the school of education being indicted for defrauding the university, an FBI probe into misuse of federal grant money and a state audit into the relationship between the UofL Foundation and the Board of Trustees.

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