Thursday August 5, 2021
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JCPS Starts School With a New Code of Conduct

Jefferson County Public Schools will be going to back to school August 10th, 2016 with a new code of conduct. The revisions were mostly focused on addressing student discipline to ensure that consequences are age-appropriate and defining disruptive behavior more precisely.

The approval comes after months of debate and revisions after the initial recommendations were given to the school board in late April. Concerns were initially raised that some of the changes were reducing consequences for certain offenses too much, such long-term suspensions would no longer be an option for vandalism for middle and high school students and long-term suspensions would no longer be an option for drug or alcohol possession for elementary students.

All JCPS students are given a copy of the code of conduct to take home to read and to have their parent(s) or guardian read. Students and parents/guardians must both sign a form saying that they read the code of conduct and that they understand it. Currently, the revised copy is not yet available on the Board of Education’s website.

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