Saturday December 10, 2022
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Bevin Cites Mercatus Report Confirming Staggering Growth in State Regulations

MattBevinGov. Matt Bevin today cited the results of a study proving there has been dramatic growth in the number and reach of administrative regulations in Kentucky, many of which are unnecessary or outdated.

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University reports that the Kentucky regulatory code, published as the Kentucky Administrative Regulations Service (KARS) grew from a total of four books in 1975 to 14 books in 2015, an increase of 250 percent. In 2015, the regulatory code contained 6.6 million words and 129,575 restrictions.

“The most recent Mercatus Report shows that Kentucky continues to be one of the most highly regulated states in America,” said Gov. Bevin. “Many of these regulations are outdated, redundant or simply unnecessary. We are suffocating economic growth and production in the Commonwealth for no constructive reason. This report reaffirms why our Red Tape Reduction Initiative is so important. We encourage all Kentuckians to go to and tell us how we can simplify the process for doing business in Kentucky.”

According to the Mercatus study, the chemical manufacturing industry in Kentucky faces the most administrative restrictions, with nearly 4,200. Animal production and aquaculture is second, with more than 4,100; followed by ambulatory health care services, with 3,500; food manufacturing, with 3,250; and nursing and residential care facilities, with almost 2,400.

Gov. Bevin announced the Red Tape Reduction Initiative in July, with the goal of cutting through the red tape of excessive and complex regulatory burdens. By reducing the amount of bureaucracy affecting Kentucky businesses, the Commonwealth can lift unreasonable hardship off the shoulders of Kentucky’s business community.

Gov. Bevin first began the process by instructing cabinet secretaries to start a thorough review of all government regulations currently on the books, then extended the invitation to businesses and employees throughout the state. Since July,, the site where people are instructed to submit regulations, has received some 14,000 visits, and 500+ suggestions have been received and are being evaluated.

The report from Mercatus can be accessed at

For more information on the initiative or to submit a suggestion on a regulation that should be reviewed, please visit

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