Thursday March 30, 2023
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Councilman Owen Issues Statement on the Recent Landmarks Designation of 2833 Tremont Drive

MetroCouncilCouncilman Tom Owen (D-8) has issued a statement on the recent designation of 2833 Tremont Drive as a local landmark by the Metro Louisville Landmarks Commission:

On September 15, 2016, the Metro Louisville Landmarks Commission after hearing over 3.5 hours of historical research, owner opposition, and public comment, voted 7 – 0 to designate 2833 Tremont Drive, near Assumption High School, a local Landmark.

I have carefully reviewed the record of those proceedings and agree with the Commission decision.

Here’s why:

Testimony established a late 1830s construction date making the home at least 175 years old

Strong evidence was presented that the first Episcopal Bishop of Kentucky lived in the home and operated Kalorama—a girls school–there before the Civil War

In the WWI era the exterior of the old home was changed from federal to bungalow style; it is not unusual for a historic home to “evolve”

In the past decade neighborhood association newsletters and festival exhibits have recognized the home’s significance

Economic hardship for the owners was softened when soon after purchase last Fall they created at least one buildable lot on the 1.4 acre site still leaving room for the historic home

Five members of the Landmarks Commission visited the site and one commissioner was able to explain how the façade facing Tyler Lane was altered by examining wall and attic rafters

 During the Landmarks process the owners received offers to purchase the old home

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