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General Election 2016 – Candidates

This year is shaping up to be an important election year. Most importantly, we, the people, will be electing our next President of the United States. This one race tends to overshadow the rest of the races that are just as important. There are a lot of local and state races that are competing for your attention in addition to the federal races. It is important to know that there is always an option to “write-in” a candidate, but for your write-in vote to be counted, the person being listed must have filed paperwork with the State Board of Elections. You can check candidate filings online or you can ask the election officers at your polling location for a list of the write-in candidates. Candidates will be listed below for the federal, state, and some local elections. You can check a sample ballot for your precinct online through the Jefferson County Clerk.

President and Vice President of the United States

  • Rocky Roque De la Fuente/Michael Steinberg (American Delta)
  • Donald J Trump/Michael R Pence (Republican)
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton/Timothy Michael Kaine (Democratic)
  • Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka (Green Party)
  • Evan McMullin/Nathan Johnson (Independent)
  • Gary Johnson/Bill Weld (Libertarian Party)
  • Cherunda Fox/Roger Kushner (Write-In)
  • Denny Carroll Jackson/Michelle Faye Hicks (Write-In)
  • Lawrence Kotlikoff/Edward Leamer (Write-In)
  • Joseph Maldonado/Douglas Terranova (Write-In)
  • Michael A Maturen/Juan A Munoz (Write-In)
  • David Perry/Eric Seiley (Write-In)
  • Marshall Schoenke/James Mitchell Jr (Write-In)
  • Mike Smith/Daniel White (Write-In)
  • Sheila Tittle/R Charles Casper-Kacprowicz (Write-In)
  • Jerry White/Niles Niemuth (Write-In)
  • Daniel Paul Zutler/Valerie M Michaels (Write-In)

United States Senator

  • Jim Gray (Democratic)
  • Rand Paul (Republican)
  • Billy Ray Wilson (Write-In)

United States House of Representative – 3rd District

  • Everett Corley (Forefathers Party)
  • John Yarmuth (Democratic)
  • Harold Bratcher (Republican)

These following elections are state elections and your district is based on your address:

State Senator – District 19

  • Morgan McGarvey (Democratic)
  • Larry West (Republican)

State Senator – District 33

  • Gerald A Neal (Democratic)
  • Shenita Rickman (Republican)

State Senator – District 35

  • Denise Harper Angel (Democratic)

State Senator – District 37

  • Perry B Clark (Democratic)

State Representative – District 28

  • Michael Payne (Republican)
  • Charles W Miller (Democratic)

State Representative – District 29

  • Kevin D Bratcher (Republican)

State Representative – District 30

  • Waymen Eddings (Republican)
  • Tom Burch (Democratic)

State Representative – District 31

  • Sarah Provancher (Republican)
  • Steve Riggs (Democratic)

State Representative – District 32

  • Phil Moffett (Republican)

State Representative – District 33

  • Jason Michael Nemes (Republican)
  • Rob walker (Democratic)

State Representative – District 34

  • Mary Lou Marzian (Democratic)

State Representative – District 35

  • Jim Wayne (Democratic)

State Representative – District 36

  • Jerry T Miller (Republican)

State Representative – District 37

  • Jeffery M Donohue (Democratic)
  • Mark Wilson (Republican)

State Representative – District 38

  • McKenzie Cantrell (Democratic)
  • Denver Butler (Republican)

State Representative – District 40

  • Dennis L Horlander (Democratic)
  • George Demic (Republican)

State Representative – District 41

  • Attica Woodson Scott (Democratic)

State Representative – District 42

  • James F Howland (Republican)
  • Reginald K Meeks (Democratic)

State Representative – District 43

  • Darryl T Owens (Democratic)
  • John Mark Owen (Republican)

State Representative – District 44

  • Joni Jenkins (Democratic)

State Representative – District 46

  • Eric Crump (Republican)
  • Alan Gentry (Democratic)

State Representative – District 48

  • Maria Sorolis (Democratic)
  • Ken Fleming (Republican)

District Judge – District 30

  • Tom Van De Rostyne
  • Jim Lesousky
  • Sephanie C Willis
  • Tanisha Ann Hickerson
  • Bob Heleringer
  • John A Cook
  • Sara Michael Nicholson

Circuit Judge “Family Court” – District 30

  • Gina Kay Calvert
  • Lauren Adams Ogden

There are a lot of city elections as well for Louisville this year, such as city council, and various small city commissioners and council members . There are too many local elections to list here, so be sure to check a sample ballot for your precinct online through the Jefferson County Clerk.


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