Thursday June 1, 2023
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Labor Cabinet Receives $896,000 Apprenticeship Grant

The U.S. Dept. of Labor has announced over $50.5 million in grant awards to 37 states to help expand apprenticeship opportunities across the U.S. – including $896,600 for Kentucky.

The proposal calls for a workforce pipeline to be created in Kentucky, increasing the number of Registered Apprentices by 1,300 individuals, including women, minorities, 16-24 year olds, individuals age 45+ or older, veterans, and people with disabilities.

“In Kentucky we recognize the value of apprenticeships and the vital role they play as the Commonwealth works to become the manufacturing hub of excellence in America,” said Gov. Bevin. “Employers across the state are in need of skilled laborers, and this funding will help train a workforce ready to fill that need. By re-committing ourselves to fully embracing the power of apprenticeships, we place ourselves in the best position to move Kentucky forward.”

“Receiving this funding is critical to the Labor Cabinet’s goal of expanding the scope of industries with Registered Apprenticeships,” Labor Sec. Derrick Ramsey stated. “We’re very proud of the approximately 1,100 employers and 150 different programs that already exist here in Kentucky, but this award will play an important role in growing those numbers. Kentucky is working toward becoming the manufacturing hub of excellence in America, and I’m proud that this vision is being endorsed by this grant award.”

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who contacted U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez on behalf of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, said, “there is a shortage of skilled workers in Kentucky in a number of critical industries, and this competitive funding will help the Kentucky Labor Cabinet implement employer-driven training programs for Registered Apprenticeships in the healthcare, manufacturing, and construction industries. This important project could significantly benefit those seeking a path to employment and meet the demand for skilled labor in an effort to make Kentucky a more competitive place for employers to locate and expand. I was happy to work with Governor Bevin and the Kentucky Labor Cabinet to help secure this important grant.”

Called the ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grant Initiative, this is the second phase of the Dept. of Labor’s strategy to diversify Registered Apprenticeships into new sectors and engage under-served populations. According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, the grant initiative is intended to:

  • Help States advance Registered Apprenticeship as a workforce development strategy and post-secondary education career pathway that maintains the nation’s strong, adaptable, and highly skilled workforce.
  • Support integrated, statewide apprenticeship strategies and State capacity to engage industry and meet the demand for new programs in both traditional and non-traditional industries such as IT, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Building Trades, Cybersecurity, and Business Services.
  • Catalyze State innovations to significantly increase Registered Apprenticeship opportunities for all American workers, particularly underrepresented populations in apprenticeship including opportunity youth, women, communities of color, Native Americans, and persons with disabilities, and taking steps to facilitate their successful completion of apprenticeship programs.

Full information on the ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grant Initiative can be found HERE.

For more information on Registered Apprenticeships in Kentucky, click HERE.

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