Thursday June 1, 2023
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JCPS To Host Inaugural Deeper Learning Summer Conference

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Superintendent Donna Hargens announced last week that the district is launching a powerful new summer conference led by educators and focused on innovative ideas in JCPS.

The inaugural JCPS Deeper Learning Symposium, which will be held June 7–9 at the Kentucky Exposition Center, will feature nationally prominent keynote speakers and presenters as well as a number of JCPS educators. More than 2,000 people are expected to attend the symposium, which will include teams of educators from each school and department in JCPS. Additionally, student performances and displays will help highlight the incredible talent throughout the district.

“The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Learning Redesigned,’” Dr. Hargens said. “This event will be an important opportunity to highlight the innovation around the concept of deeper learning that’s already happening in our district and in our schools. Simply put, this conference will help fuel other educators and leaders with ideas that can be used in classrooms to continue making learning relatable and fun for our students.”

The symposium will focus on the district’s vision to create personalized, deeper learning for every student and professional—a key goal of the Vision 2020 strategic plan. Deeper learning is grounded in helping students develop the social, emotional, and intellectual knowledge, skills, capacities, and dispositions to thrive in school and beyond by cultivating:

  • Caring, constructive learning relationships
  • Meaningful, personalized, real-world learning experiences.
  • Supportive, equity-focused learning environments.

Several organizations and partners are supporting the JCPS Deeper Learning Symposium with donations or financial support. If an organization would like to help support the symposium, contact Sam Corbett with the Jefferson County Public Education Foundation at or call (502) 599-8650.

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