Thursday February 2, 2023
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Lexington Road Section To Be Reconfigured

Work will get underway during the second week of September on a $630,000 package of safety improvements for a section of Lexington Road.  The segment between Payne Street and Grinstead Drive will be converted from the current design of two travel lanes in each direction to one travel lane in each direction plus dedicated turn lanes.

The new configuration is intended to improve traffic flow and reduce accidents as previously demonstrated by similar projects across Louisville. The road will be repaved and buffered bike lanes will be added on both sides. Drainage will also be improved.

The project is part of the 2015 Lexington Road Corridor Transportation Plan and the broader Move Louisville multi-modal transportation plan that seeks to improve all facets of the city’s transportation network for all of its users. Learn more about the Lexington Road Safety Project.

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