Wednesday June 7, 2023
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Councilwoman Sexton Smith To Unveil Honorary “Bologna Alley” Sign On Monday, October 16th

Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) will join officials with the Louisville Archdiocese and other special guests for a special honorary sign unveiling on Monday, October 16th.

          At the corner of Muhammad Ali and Cathedral Alley the honorary sign will highlight the history of this section known as “Bologna Alley” in honor of the thousands of meals served by the Cathedral of the Assumption and its volunteers since the 1930’s.

          “This honorary sign is a reminder of the compassion of the Cathedral and the dedication of volunteers whose mission for more than 80 years has been to feed those who are hungry,” says Sexton Smith. “In the beginning of this compassionate mission, bologna sandwiches were a mainstay. So it is fitting that we immortalize what many have come to call this alley.”

          The alley leads to the kitchen behind the Cathedral that has been serving lunches since the 1930s and in 2016 served more than 39,000 lunches.

         Councilwoman Sexton Smith sponsored the Resolution calling for the honorary sign and it was formally approved by the Louisville Metro Council in May of this year.

        The formal unveiling ceremony will take place at 11:30am at the corner of Muhammad Ali and Cathedral Alley.

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