Monday December 11, 2023
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Mayor Fischer Advises Citizens of Proposed Anchorage-Middletown East Fire District Merger

Mayor Greg Fischer’s office announced today that the Anchorage and Middletown East Fire Districts have filed a merger petition with the Jefferson County Clerk’s office.

The Mayor’s office received a letter about the proposed merger, and is releasing it publicly to ensure that Middletown and Anchorage property owners are aware of the proposal, which could result in a property tax increase in the newly merged entity.

Under state law (KRS 75.020(4)(c)) the Mayor is required to “enter an order merging the fire protection districts or volunteer fire department districts described in the Petition” unless a written objection or “remonstrance” is made to the Jefferson County Clerk by 51 percent or more of the property owners of the territory sought to be merged.

And the time for any such objection is very short – it must be filed with the Jefferson County Clerk by the close of business on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

The Mayor plans to further discuss with Metro Council and our state delegation whether the citizenry has adequate opportunity to be engaged in the approval of tax increases in these situations.

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