Friday September 22, 2023
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Councilma Lanshima Puts Out The Call For Volunteers For District 21 Neighborhood Cleanups

Photo: Louisville Metro Council

Councilman Vitalis Lanshima is encouraging people all over District 21 to come together and help with neighborhood cleanups on Saturday March 10th.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone to show their civic and neighborhood pride and engage other residents in the community,” says Lanshima. “We all want to make our neighborhoods great places to live and it begins when we all work together.”

The cleanups are in collaboration with Brightside neighborhood cleanups and provide a way for community members to help keep neighborhoods lean and green.

Sign up your family, church group, school, sports team, business, community group, neighborhood association, etc.

The District 21 Office will coordinate with Brightside to provide gloves, trash bags, brooms, rakes, shovels, and t-shirts.


Register a team of 3 or more individuals or sign yourself up

Indicate which location you plan to target your cleanup efforts at the following sites:

  • I-264 Ramp & 3rd Street
  • 3rd Street – South
  • Taylor Blvd-South
  • I-264 Ramp & Southern Parkway
  • Taylor Blvd-Palatka
  • Southern Parkway-South
  • 3rd Street by Rutherford
  • Elementary & Value Market
  • I-264 Ramp & Taylor Boulevard
  • Preston Hwy by Wesley House

For more information, contact Councilman Lanshima’s office at 574-1121.

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