Monday December 11, 2023
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Fairdale Mural Project Completed As Birthday Gift To Mayor Fischer

As part of Mayor Greg Fischer’s Give-A-Day week of volunteer service across the city of Louisville, the mayor himself was honored today with the unveiling of a mural at Nelson Hornbeck Park in Fairdale.

The mural is a birthday present from his sister Lynn, who provided the materials for the project through a gift to the Louisville Parks Foundation. Art students from Fairdale High School and Fairdale Community School designed and painted the mural.

“This is a fabulous partnership between the Louisville Parks Foundation, Fairdale High School art department, Fairdale Community School, and Council District 13,” said Vicki Welch, who represents the Fairdale area for the Louisville Metro Council.

“I truly appreciate Lucretia Moore, District 13 resident and Ramsey Middle School art teacher, who has stepped up to lead this project. Also, Mr. Gibbs Rounsavall, art teacher, and Kathy Blevins, Director of Fairdale Community School, were instrumental in getting this project coordinated. As a birthday gift to Mayor Fischer, his sister Lynn Fischer is also a valuable partner. A huge appreciation to all!”

“I was in search of something special for Greg’s big birthday in January,” Lynn Fischer said. “I then learned the Fairdale High School art class was working on a mural for the Nelson Hornbeck pool house, and the Louisville Parks Foundation needed the paint to bring their design to life.  The more I thought about the pool house mural, it seemed a perfect gift to acknowledge Greg’s love for Louisville and commitment to our City values of health and life-long learning for all of our citizens. The ability to have the students and teachers paint the mural during Give A Day week was, no pun intended, icing on the cake!”

“We were very excited to partner on this project.  Coordinating community resources and people to improve our parks and facilities is what we do,” said Louisville Parks Foundation CEO, Brooke Pardue. “We hope more people reach out to us for potential future projects.”

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