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Beshear Encouraging Victims To Participate In AG’s Survivors Council

Attorney General Andy Beshear created a council of more than 25 survivors in his office in 2017 to advise and assist him on matters related to victims of crime and advocacy.

Now with the two-year terms of these members of the Attorney General’s Survivors Council expiring, Beshear is encouraging victims across the state to have a seat on the council for a 2019-2021 term.

Beshear said council members include victims and survivors of homicide, rape, child abuse, domestic violence, mass violence and other serious offenses, and that their advocacy and voice have been not only a powerful tool for him but for the entire Commonwealth.

“These survivors have persevered through the unimaginable, they have real courage and know firsthand what is needed to seek and ensure justice for victims,” Beshear said. “I want to thank each member for their willingness to devote their time and passion to helping to pave a better way for other survivors who we are hoping will represent the council for the next two years.”

Beshear’s Office of Victim Advocacy provides direct services to victims, free training and technical assistance on victims rights and related issues. The office works directly with the Survivors Council – a first of its kind in any Attorney General’s office nationwide.

Throughout their term, members have worked directly to advise and assist the Office of the Attorney General on matters related to victims of crime, including training, awareness and policy initiatives.

Council members held numerous meetings to develop resources for victims, create guidance for professionals working with survivors, plan awareness and training efforts and develop recommendations for an annual report.

The members were also active in their communities providing education to advocates and law enforcement, as well as participating in awareness events like Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Victim Assistance Conference and Victims Rights Day.

The next members of the council will be selected from an open nomination and application process conducted by the Attorney General’s Office of Victims Advocacy.

Beshear is encouraging victims to participate on the council by clicking on his website –

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