Friday July 12, 2024
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President James Announces Historic City Hall Clock Tower Will Glow Like A Rainbow For PRIDE Week

President David James (D-6) has announced than in conjunction with PRIDE Week, the Clock Tower at Historic City Hall will glow like a rainbow this week.

          “One of the unique qualities of Louisville Metro is our embracing of diversity and the LGBT Community throughout the city,” said the President. “Let the Clock Tower show all that we support everyone who makes our city what it is: a welcoming community for everyone where all are respected and appreciated.”

          In January of 1999, the then city of Louisville became the first city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to pass a fairness ordinance protecting the LGBT people from discrimination and employment. It was expanded to include housing and public accommodations.

          In 2004, The Louisville Metro Council adopted the measure after merged government was approved and went in to operation.

          “Today, we members of the Louisville Metro Council still support our LGBTQ community. Realizing that it is through our inclusivity and our diversity that we become a stronger, more prosperous and more dynamic community,” said the President.

          This is the second year the Clock Tower will glow in rainbow colors, from today through next Sunday.

          To learn more about PRIDE Events this week in Louisville Metro, go to:

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