Thursday July 25, 2024
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In conjunction with National Preparedness Month, Gov. Matt Bevin has proclaimed September as Preparedness Month in Kentucky.

Kentucky Emergency Management urges Kentuckians to “BE AWARE – BE PREPARED – HAVE A PLAN – MAKE A KIT.” Visit for a host of ideas throughout National Preparedness Month.

Kentuckians face threats to their safety and property throughout the year; from tornadoes, flooding, straight line winds, lightning, winter storms, man-made hazards, to daily emergencies. Every household and every business should be prepared to face these challenges at any given time. Disasters can occur at anytime, anywhere in Kentucky.

As we have all seen recently with the devastating hurricanes and wildfires of 2017, preparedness can make the difference of saving your life or your family. Supplies such as water, non-perishable food, flashlights and batteries, radios and first aid kits are easy to store, and can be lifesavers when a crisis hits. A communication plan with family, friends and neighbors is also very important.   Continue reading

Photo: Louisville Metro Council

For many people, 911 is who you call in an emergency when you need police, fire or EMS. The Metro Government agency that handles 911 is also the place that alerts you to bad weather or any disaster to keep you and your family safe.

Councilwoman Madonna Flood (D-24) announces the next South Central Regional Forum will focus on the work of Emergency Services of Louisville Metro Government on Wednesday, April 18th.

“This particular forum is important because the people who work at Emergency Services are your direct connection when you need help. They answer the phone and determine who to send and stay with on the phone with you until help arrives,” says Flood.

The forum is set for the new South Central Regional Library at 7400 Jefferson Boulevard from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Jody Meiman, the Director of the Emergency Services Agency will be the featured speaker at the forum and will address the operation of emergency services and emergency management operations in the city. He will also discuss 911 operations and the LENS Alert, which deals with notifications in the event of bad weather or a pending disaster.

“You may never have had the need to call 911 or be aware of what the city does to handle an emergency. This forum will provide helpful insight into what to do in the event of an emergency and how to stay safe and help those you love,” says Flood.

The South Central Regional Forums are sponsored by Councilwoman Flood and Council Members James Peden (R-23), Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) and Barbara Shanklin (D-2).

For more information about this South Central Regional Forum, contact Councilwoman Flood’s office at 574-1124.


Customers who purchase prepaid cell phones or calling cards in 2017 will see a new, small service charge on their receipt, but it is a tax that helps save lives. The charge is comparable to fees that currently appear on customer billings for communications services from traditional wireless providers.

The new Kentucky law passed during the 2016 legislative session requires retailers that sell cellular phones or calling cards with preloaded minutes to charge an additional flat rate of $0.93 per purchase. The fee is effective Jan. 1, 2017.

This new small fee helps fund the vitally important 911 service throughout the Commonwealth.

“Retailers are our partners in collecting this service charge that has tremendous benefit to all Kentuckians,” said Daniel Bork, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Revenue. “This flat rate helps fund 911 services throughout the state. Safety of our citizens is everyone’s top priority. Our role is to ensure timely distribution of these funds so that local 911 services have the resources needed to continue to provide that security.”

This service charge helps fund a multitude of necessary items that 911 emergency services require to function properly. These important needs include hiring additional 911 operations personnel, developing or upgrading address databases, updating software for computer and phone equipment, improving GIS mapping and radio systems as well as technical training for staff.

The Kentucky Department of Revenue (DOR) has made necessary system changes and is ready to administer the new commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) 911 charge on Jan. 1.

Affected purchases include:

  • Cellular phones preloaded with a set dollar amount for minutes or units of air time, or sold with rebates for air time;
  • Calling cards for cellular phones preloaded with a set dollar amount for minutes or units of air time;
  • The recharging of a reusable cellular phone calling card;
  • The recharging of a cellular phone itself with additional minutes of units of air time.

Similar to collecting the sales tax, a business selling any of the above mentioned items must collect the prepaid service charge from the customer at the time of purchase for each item sold at retail. Affected retailers must register for the CMRS prepaid service charge with the Department of Revenue, and begin filing returns for each reporting period. The filing schedule is the same as the one for the retailer’s sales and use tax return.

Retailers must be set up to file and pay the CMRS charge when it begins on Jan. 1, 2017.

To file the CMRS prepaid service charge return, or access other online features, retailers must first register for this new charge within the Kentucky Business OneStop Portal (KyBOS).

Additional return and filing tips will be available on the DOR website,, in the near future. For more information about registering and using the portal, visit

For taxpayer registration questions with KyBOS, call 502-564-5053. For general CMRS prepaid service charge questions, contact the Division of Sales and Use Tax at 502-564-5170, or via email at