Sunday June 26, 2022
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FOP Head Calls Out  Sensationalists, Liars, Race-Baiters, Criminal Element

IMG_9628River City Fraternal Order of Police union president Dave Mutchler has released an open letter to the people of Kentuckiana.  On behalf of FOP Lodge 614, Mutchler acknowledged that the vast majority of area residents support the officers while a vocal minority “continues to assault and demonize us” – something for which the USMC veteran said officers would no longer stand on the sidelines.

Mutchler began his career with the Louisville Division of Police in 1997 before being deployed with his United States Marine Corps infantry company to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom in late 2003. Upon returning, he resumed his post as a patrol officer before being promoted to Sergeant in the LMPD’s 7th Division, where he was later selected to lead the Flex Platoon. Following his stint in the 7th division, Mutchler then went on to work with the Inspections and Compliance Unit as the Court Liaison Sergeant.  He was elected to serve as the President of RCFOP Lodge 614 in 2009.614.

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