Thursday July 25, 2024
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An online video has taken the internet by storm after being posted to an online discussion board.

Reddit user RolandCamry posted the video which poses a seemingly simple question: “What do you guys hear?,” along with a short audio clip of a voice saying a single word.  Puzzlingly, different people are hearing vastly different words from the same clip. Some listeners hear the name “Laurel” while others hear “Yanny,” “Harry,” or something else altogether.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what YOU hear.

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Louisville receives top marks from Honest Tea’s national social experiment.

Honest tea recently conducted an experiment in which they traveled to 60 different cities throughout the 50 states, setting up an unmanned kiosk offering $1 bottles of their beverages, asking customers to operate on the honor system.  The results were compiled into the “National Honesty Index“.

At each kiosk, they gathered information about the number of people who paid (or not) in addition to observable characteristics of kiosk visitors.  The experiment also included an online component meant to test the honesty of people on the Internet through a Facebook application, where people were offered a coupon in exchange for sharing an inspirational quote on their timeline. In total, the experiment involved over 28,000 participants.

Honolulu, Hawaii, received top marks for the second year in a row with 100% honesty.  Four cities tied for second place with 99% honesty while four others tied for third with 98% honesty.  Louisville tied with six other cities for fourth place with 97% honesty at the kiosks.

Overall, Americans were 95% honest, up from 92% last year.  Additional results indicate that:

  • Females were more honest than males (95% vs 93%)
  • Blonds were more honest (95%) vs brunettes or bald visitors (each 94%), the gray haired (93%), red heads (92%) or those with black hair (91%).
  • Web participants were more honest than kiosk visitors in NY (98% vs 91%) and less honest (91% vs 95%) in Chicago.
  • Puppy lovers were more honest (98%) than cat people (95%)
  • Viewers of COPS were far more honest (100%) than viewers of Homeland (90%).
  • Honesty varied greatly among people with different relationship statuses:
    • Separated:  100%
    • Divorced:  98%
    • In a relationship/”it’s complicated”:  96%
    • Married or single:  95%
    • Engaged:  94%

For full results, visit or see the infographic below. Continue reading

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane BayThe new Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay, located on nearly 60 acres right in the middle of Louisville, are set to open May 24, 2014.  Tickets prices are currently set at $44.95 for adults and $34.95 for children, seniors and military.  The best value for the park is the $99.95 season pass, which is available online direct from Kentucky Kingdom or from your nearest Kroger location, where they can be purchased for $69.95 until June 2nd.  Benefits of the season pass include park admission all season, rides in the park during the Kentucky State Fair, $1 32-ounce soft drinks throughout the park, 20% of all park food and merchandise, free sunscreen and free water tubes.

The newly renovated Kentucky Kingdom will be sporting five new rides, including Lightning Run (a roller coaster with an 80 degree drop), Fearfall, Professor John’s Flying Machines, Bumper Cars and a 5D Cinema Ride.  We will also see four new water attractions, including the Family Wave Lagoon, Adventure River, Plummet Summit, and Buccaneer Beach.  For the kids, there are four new children’s ride:  Whirl-A-Round Swings, Tea Cups, Jump Around, and Rock-A-Bye Swings.  The new Aqua Theater, featuring rescued sea lions, starts in June and offers fun for all ages.

For more information about the park and to see videos for the new attractions, visit the website for Kentucky Kingdom.