Thursday July 25, 2024
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MetroCouncilOn Saturday, February 25th, Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) and Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) will join the family, friends and others touched by the late Michael T. White and unveil an honorary sign at 22nd and Jefferson Streets to commemorate his life and legacy in Metro Louisville.

“Michael White had a significant impact on many people here through his businesses and community service. He took a personal struggle, turned his life around and in doing so helped many people deal with their addiction and start new lives,” says Sexton Smith. “He was a businessman, community advocate, and philanthropist who received numerous honors and awards. He was also a family man and friend to many.”

This Saturday, Michael White’s life and service to Louisville Metro will be honored and memorialized at 22nd and Jefferson Street going west to 24th and Jefferson Street will be designated as “Michael T. White Street.”

Mr. White was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He studied business at Lindsey Wilson College and Yarmuth University.

However there was a low point in his life when addictions nearly destroyed him and his family. He made a fateful decision to enter recovery, follow through with rehab, take it one day at a time and recover.

It was that recovery that led to his founding of America’s Finest Filter which today employees 21 people in Louisville.

The honorary sign will be displayed in the area where he had a major impact on the lives of others. He was Co-Founder of Our Father’s House, which today is a rehab and recovery program located in the 2300 block of Jefferson Street.

He was also Co-Founder of The Token Club, Co-Founder of Reno and White, Co-Founder of Divine Steps, and Founder of WF Development and the Kentucky Recovery Resource Center.

“He left us too soon but his work in our community is an example we need now more than ever as we deal with a drug problem that is affecting our families and safety,” says Hamilton. “Let Michael White’s example show all of us that people need and deserve a second chance and something to believe in.”

The formal unveiling will take place at the corner of 24th and Jefferson Streets beginning at 1:00pm.