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March Madness is in full swing with the Sweet Sixteen Round starting tonight. Even if the Louisville Cardinals losing to Michigan wrecked your bracket, or maybe it was Middle Tennessee or University of Rhode Island, there is still hope.

Tonight,  the men start the Sweet Sixteen round of the tournament. Even if you are a Cardinals fan, you can still cheer on the Kentucky Wildcats in hopes that the tournament win comes back to the great state of Kentucky. The Wildcats will be televised on CBS tomorrow night at 9:39 PM. The full schedule for the Sweet Sixteen is as follows:

  • #3 Oregon vs #7 Michigan – tonight, CBS 7:09 PM
  • #1 Gonzaga vs #4 W Virginia – tonight, TBS 7:39 PM
  • #1 Kansas vs #4 Purdue – tonight, CBS 9:39 PM
  • #11 Xavier vs #2 Arizona – tonight 10:09 PM
  • #1 UNC vs #4 Butler – tomorrow, CBS 7:09 PM
  • #3 Baylor vs #7 S Carolina – tonight, TBS 7:29 PM
  • #3 UCLA vs #2 Kentucky – tomorrow, CBS 9:39 PM
  • #8 Wisconsin vs #4 Florida – Tomorrow, TBS 9:59 PM

If you just cannot bring yourself to cheer on the Wildcats, then rest assured that the Louisville Lady Cardinals are still in the tournament. As usual, the women’s tournament is usually a day behind the men. The Lady Cardinals will be in the Sweet 16 this weekend in hopes to make their third appearance in the final game and it would be the first win for the Lady Cardinals (and first win by a Kentucky college) since the tournament started in 1982. The schedule for the women’s:

  • #1 Notre Dame vs #5 Ohio State – tomorrow, ESPN 7:00 PM
  • #3 Washington vs #2 Mississippi – tomorrow, ESPN2 7:00 PM
  • #3 Texas vs #2 Stanford – tomorrow, ESPN 9:30 PM
  • #1 Baylor vs #4 Louisville – tomorrow, ESPN2 9:30 PM
  • #3 Maryland vs #10 Oregon – Saturday, ESPN 11:30 AM
  • #1 UConn vs #4 UCLA – Saturday, ESPN 2:00 PM
  • #1 S Carolina vs #12 Quinnipiac – Saturday, ESPN 4:00 PM
  • #3 Florida State vs #2 Oregon State – Saturday, ESPN 6:30 PM

Thunder, Derby, Travelling Events All Included on List



Several events hosted in Louisville have received the honor of inclusion on the Top 100 Events in the United States 2015 list.  At least two are Louisville-specific events, while others are events that are “just passing through.”  Still more events have connections to Louisville and the Commonwealth – which just goes to show why My Old Kentucky Home is a great place to live.

Among Sporting Events, the Kentucky Derby ranked at number seven.  The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports was edged out by heavyweight events such as the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500 race.

Also ahead of the Derby was another sporting event with Louisville and Kentucky connections:  the NCAA Men’s Final Four.  Last year, Kentucky made it to the Final Four in Indianapolis before being defeated, while Louisville was knocked out earlier in the tournament.  The previous year, Louisville and Kentucky met in the Midwest Regional of the tournament and the year before that Louisville rose to the top to beat Michigan for the Championship title.  Louisville, of course, also plays host to earlier rounds of the tournament.

In the Festivals, Parades & Holiday Events category, Louisville also got a nod for Thunder Over Louisville, which took 9th place in the category.  The Derby Festival celebration ranked behind events including Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, New Year’s Eve in Times Square, and Mardi Gras.

Under the heading of Political Events, ranked third (ahead of the State of the Union address) was the National Rifle Association Annual Meetings & Exhibits.  Although the 2015 NRAAM event was held just down I-65 in Nashville, next year’s event will be held right here in Louisville at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Top honors in the Entertainment Industry Events category went to Comic-Con International and, although “the big show” is held in San Diego, Louisville does play host to it’s own versions of the show through FandomFest and the Derby City Comic Con.

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