Thursday July 25, 2024
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A proposed liquor store on South Shelby Street will be the subject of an important community meeting hosted by Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) and  Councilman Pat Mulvihill (D-10) on Tuesday, March 21st.

“There have been concerns raised by many neighborhood residents and businesses as to how appropriate this proposed liquor store is for this area of District 4,” says Sexton Smith. “This meeting will be a chance for anyone to voice their concerns and hear how others feel about this proposal as we move forward.”

The proposed store would be located at 1496 South Shelby St. While the actual location is in District 4, it would be right across the street from District 10.

“We all want to see good economic development in our neighborhoods but is this proposed store the right kind of economic development,” says Mulvihill. “If there is opposition to this store, then we want to make sure everyone knows what the options are to keep it from happening.”

The neighborhood meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 21, 2017 at St Elizabeth School Cafeteria. St Elizabeth is located in the 1020 block of East  Burnett Ave, just about two blocks from the proposed liquor store.

For more information about the community meeting, contact Councilwoman Sexton Smith’s office at 574-1104 or Councilman Mulvihill’s office at 574-1110.