Wednesday July 24, 2024
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A community design workshop will be held on Tuesday, October 17 at 6 p.m. at the Gheens Lodge at the Parklands of Floyds Fork to gather public input for the South Floyds Fork Vision, an ongoing process to create a visionary plan that will provide guidance for authentic, healthy, equitable, sustainable, and well-connected growth in the South Floyds Fork area.

The 4,000 acre Parklands of Floyds Fork is a transcendent asset for Louisville that includes four major parks linked by a park drive, an urban trail system, and watershed. The Parklands is expected to spur development and increase population in the area. The South Floyds Fork Vision will serve as a guide for future development and infrastructure investment in the study area.

The study area is bounded by Bardstown Road and Shelbyville Road to the north and south and the Gene Snyder Expressway and the county line to the west and east.

The South Floyds Fork Vision will be led by a team of representatives from Develop Louisville, Metro Council District 20, and local and national consultants, in coordination with representatives of the Parklands of Floyds Fork and Metro agencies. An advisory group, consisting of Senator Julie Raque Adams along with District 20 residents and stakeholders, has been formed to guide the process. Advisory Group members were recommended by Councilman Stuart Benson and appointed by Mayor Greg Fischer.

“The South Floyds Fork Area Vision is a project that will shape the future character of a large portion of District 20 surrounding the Parklands,” District 20 Councilman Stuart Benson said. “Please plan on joining us on October 17 to make your concerns and opinions heard.”

Once the Advisory Group has completed its work, the South Floyds Fork Vision will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and Metro Council for review and adoption. It is anticipated that adoption will occur in summer 2018.

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The city has announced it has purchased the former Parkland grocery store located at Virginia Avenue and South 28th Street with plans to explore redevelopment options.

“The acquisition of this property is an important first component of the Parkland Neighborhood Plan,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “Our vision for Parkland in the future is of a vibrant, connected, and greener neighborhood with a commercial area along South 28th Street between Virginia and Dumesnil avenues.”

The city hopes to use the building as a catalyst for community economic development in the neighborhood. This property has been used as a grocery store and meat store over the years and holds a place of importance in the Parkland center.

“We are extremely excited about the acquisition of this property. Everybody agrees that this is in an important step to ensure that Parkland will continue to rise,” said Councilwoman Jessica Green (D-1). “I will be holding a series of neighborhood meetings about the future development of the site and I encourage all residents to come out and get involved in the process. This is a win for the Parkland community and for all of District 1.”

Other key activities happening in Parkland include the opening of Irma Dee’s restaurant, the Parkland Neighborhood Plan, and the continued growth of a community garden.

The public input phase of developing the Parkland Neighborhood Plan was completed earlier this year and the city expects to begin the formal adoption process in May.

Key recommendations of the plan include:

  • Promoting the revitalization of the former Parkland Commercial Corridor as a place of health and wellness.
  • Establishing cooperation and control of key real estate parcels identified in the Corridor Improvement Study Master Plan.
  • Redeveloping and reconfiguring the vacant corner grocery and the associated parking lot.
  • Creating destinations within walking distance of housing and workplaces. Preserving historic structures and encouraging first floor retail uses by restoring original commercial facades and transparency.

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