Thursday July 25, 2024
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WaterStepWaterStep, a local nonprofit that works to save lives with safe water, will provide health and hygiene training and two water treatment system to a community in Costa Rica this week. The group of 17 volunteers will depart on Monday, August 4th and return on Tuesday, August 12th.

The team will be led by husband and wife Kurtis and Claudia Daniels, WaterStep’s Director of Training and Field Operations and Director of Training and Trips, respectively. WaterStep has worked in Costa Rica for over 14 years, bringing safe water solutions to communities across the country. During this mission, the team will work in the Cartago and Orosi areas and in the El Dique community. Partnerships with churches and schools in the area will allow the team access to community water sources so that the issues can be addressed.

During their trip, they will install two M-100 chlorine generators. The M-100 chlorine generator was developed by WaterStep in partnership with General Electric (GE) and the Louisville Water Company. WaterStep’s M-100 water purifiers are small enough to fit in a carry on suitcase and simple to operate using table salt and a car battery. The systems are effective enough to provide safe water for thousands of people every day.

Along with providing access to safe water, the WaterStep team will work to address health needs in the communities by educating the locals on proper hygiene techniques. They will also conduct a vision clinic where anyone in the community can get a free eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses. Continue reading