Sunday June 26, 2022
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The Public Safety Committee of the Louisville Metro Council will hold a special discussion at its first meeting of the year to hear about the impact of crime on a specific group that sometime gets lost in the aftermath of violence: crime victims.

“Many times this Committee talks with law enforcement and other agencies to see how we can combat the growing homicide rate and violent crime,” says Councilwoman Jessica Green (D-1) who chairs the Committee. “It is important we also hear about how victims are trying to piece their lives and their families back together after the kind of tragedies we are seeing on our streets. We need to know if we are meeting their needs in healing.”

The Committee will hear from Joshua Crawford of the Pegasus Institute, who is the author of Voices of the Survivors: Louisville Metro Violent Crime Impact Report.

Also invited are Brigadier General Rob Givens, Air Force (Retired), and survivors Micheshia Norment, Nicole Taylor, and Misty Tweedy along with retired LMPD Officer Richard Gibbs.

The Public Safety Committee will meet at 3:30pm in Council Chambers, 601 West Jefferson Street.

All Metro Council Committee meetings are carried live on Metro TV, Spectrum Cable Channel 184 and on UVERSE Channel 99. You can watch the meetings online by going to the Metro Council home page at  and click the “Watch Meetings Online” button.

Special meeting begins at 2:30pm on Wednesday, August 5th

The Public Safety Committee of the Louisville Metro Council will continue its discussion and review of a proposed ordinance dealing with short term rentals on Wednesday, August 5th.

At 2:30pm, the Committee will hold a special meeting and hear from Mr. Bill Herbert, the Zoning Administrator of the City of Nashville. He will discuss Nashville’s experience implementing their short term rentals legislation.

Then at 3:30pm, the Committee will hold a special public hearing to listen to citizens and interested parties who have a concern or support the proposed ordinance.

“As we move forward, I want to make sure the committee can learn from neighboring cities, like Nashville’s experiences, with short term rentals,” says Councilman David Yates (D-25) who chairs the Committee. “We also want to hear from our citizens, whether they be a host, guest, investor, or neighbor of these types of rentals. We want to hear how they believe they will be affected and actively listen to their concerns.”

The following guidelines will be followed for the public hearing:

  • The public will be permitted two minutes to speak to the short term rentals ordinance.
  • Each speaker will need to sign in with the Clerk’s office on the Third Floor of City Hall beginning at 2:30p.m.
  • Speakers will be called in the same order in which they were signed in.
  • The Committee requests that any member of the public unable to speak during this allotted time provide written materials detailing their concerns and opinions to the Clerk’s office to be distributed to all Metro Council members and be documented for the record.

The Short Term Rental ordinance is sponsored by Council members James Peden (R-23), Tom Owen (D-8), Bill Hollander (D-9) and David James (D-6).

The Public Safety Committee will meet at 2:30pm in Council Chambers, 601 West Jefferson Street.

All Council meetings are carried live on Metro TV, Time Warner Cable Channel 25. You can also watch the meetings online by going to the Metro Council home page at and click the “Watch Meetings Online” link.


Public Works, Bridges and Transportation – Tuesday, August 4th 3:00pm

The Committee has three items under review:

  • An ordinance amending the code of ordinances regarding historical landmarks and preservation districts as it relates to the salvage and preservation of brick pavers removed from streets and alleys
  • An ordinance relating to enforcement of driveway permits
  • A resolution calling for the reinstatement of a security guard at the Congress Alley entrance of City Hall


Labor & Economic Development – Tuesday, August 4th 4:00pm

The Committee has the following items under review:

  • An ordinance ratifying a collective bargaining agreement between Metro Government and AFSCME, AFL-CIO Local 2629 for Civilian Supervisory Employees of Metro Corrections
  • An ordinance establishing the Axis on Lexington Development Area
  • An ordinance establishing the 800 Building Development Area
  • A resolution involving two parcels of property at the intersection of Muhammad Ali Blvd., 30th Street and West Market Street
  • An ordinance dealing with a bond project for Bellarmine University


Appropriations NDFs & CIFs – Tuesday, August 4th 5:00pm

The Committee will review grant requests for Neighborhood Development Funds and Capital Infrastructure Funds of the 26 districts of the Louisville Metro Council.


Public Safety – Wednesday, August 5th 3:30pm

The Committee will hold a public hearing on the proposed ordinances dealing with short term rentals. Those who wish to speak may sign up one hour before the meeting on the Third Floor of Historic City Hall.


Contracts and Appointments – Thursday, August 6th 3:00

The Committee will review proposed contracts for Metro Government. The Committee will also review proposed appointments to the Board and Commissions of Metro Government.


Budget – Thursday, August 6th 5:00pm

The committee has several items under review:

  • An ordinance for a forgivable loan to New Directions Housing Corp. for a single family dwelling in Shelby Park
  • An ordinance to transfer funds between NDF and CIF in District 19
  • An ordinance to transfer funds between NDF and CIF in District 23
  • And ordinance to amend the Metro Street Improvement Program funding


*Meeting times are subject to change. Agendas are followed at the discretion of the Chair of each Committee. While an item may be listed, it does not mean all items will be acted upon by a committee.

To review all agendas of the committees of the Louisville Metro Council, go to the Metro Council Clerk’s web page at:

All meetings are aired live on Metro TV Insight cable Channel 25. Meetings are also streamlined on the Metro Council’s website. Go to:  and click on the “Watch Meetings Online” icon.

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