Friday July 12, 2024
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Louisville Metro Animal Services is encouraging pet owners to take advantage of an upcoming Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic on Saturday, November 10th from 9am-12pm at Wyandotte Park, 1010 Beecher Street.

In addition to one ($10) and three-year ($15) Rabies vaccinations, LMAS will offer microchipping services for cats and dogs for just $25.  So far in 2018, more than one-thousand pets in Jefferson County have been reunited with their owners. But sadly, the majority of cats and dog that entered the LMAS Shelter was not microchipped and could not return home.

“Microchipping is a crucial component to remaining a No-Kill shelter and saving more animal lives,” said Teeya Barnes, spokeswoman for Louisville Metro Animal Services. “Microchipping helps us quickly reunite missing pets and their owners. That means more open kennels for the city’s truly homeless animals. When the shelter is out of space, lives are placed in jeopardy.”

A pet license for cats, dogs or ferrets is required by Law for Jefferson County pet owners, and can be purchased or renewed during the Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic.  A one-year pet license for an altered cat or dog is $10; a three-year, altered pet license is $27. LMAS also offers discounted licensing rates for senior pets: $5 (1-year altered) or $10 (3-year altered).

“A pet license is assurance your pet’s Rabies vaccination is up-to-date, so if they become lost they won’t receive the vaccine unecesssarily if they were to enter the shelter,” said Barnes. “Another benefit is if your pet is lost and picked up by an animal control officer, we can bring them home instead of to the shelter. Your pet won’t be exposed to germs and illnesses commonly found in animal shelters.

The Low-Cost Rabies Clinic is open to all pet owners. Dog must be on-leash and cats must be in carriers during the clinic.