Thursday September 29, 2022
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Metro Animal Services Makes Push to Get Pets Licensed

Metro Animal ServicesLouisville Metro Animal Services is making an effort to help pet owners not only protect their furry friends, but also to be in compliance with the law.

Louisville Metro Code 91.020 requires license and rabies vaccination tags for all dogs and cats over four months old.  Despite being the law, however, it is estimated that less than 20% of  cats, dogs and ferrets in Jefferson County are licensed.  Having your pet licensed doesn’t just keep you legal, either – it also helps keep both pets and people safe.  If a tagged pet is lost, the license information helps Metro Animal Services reunite them with their owner.  The vaccination requirement helps to protect your pet from disease in the case that it comes into contact with an infected animal; keeping your pet healthy and helping to prevent the spread of diseases such as rabies.  The tags also let anyone who comes across a lost animal that it is up to date on its shots, making one less thing to worry about if a roaming animal is encountered.

License fees are $9 for spayed or neutered animals and $50 for unaltered animals.  Senior citizens are eligible for a discounted license fee of $4.50 per animal for up to two animals per household.  Animal Services also offers low cost rabies, license and microchip clinics around the area.  Upcoming dates include

  • May 29, 4-7 PM at Manslick Animal Care Center – 3705 Manslick Rd, 40215
  • June 4, 4-7 PM at Animal House Adoption Center – 3516 newburg Rd, 40218
  • June 21, 9 AM -1 PM at Okolona Library – 7709 Preston Hwy 40219

At the clinics, licenses are available for the usual fees, rabies vaccinations are available for $8 and microchips for $25.

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