Wednesday June 7, 2023
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2 Sites Approved for National Register of Historic Places

Earlier this month, eleven sites throughout Kentucky were approved to appear in the National Register of Historic Places. Properties that eligible for the list are typically at least 50 years old and of significance to American history at the local, state, or national level.

Of the eleven sites from Kentucky, two are here in Jefferson County. The Klotz Confectionery Company, located on Brent Street, was built in 1937 as a candy manufacturing plant and operated until 1967 where they specialized in ice cream and other candies. The other location, the Louisville Cotton Mill, located on McHenry Street, was built in 1888. It was the first cotton mill in Louisville and was the largest cotton mill until it closed in 1967.

One location, the Sroufe House in Dover, KY, is the first property in Kentucky to be listed in association with the Underground Railroad.

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