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Pay it Forward Explained

Photo: LMAS  Dog: Aurora

Pay It Forward is paying off for Metro Animal Services and its shelter pets. Hundreds of cats and dogs have been adopted into loving homes for Free since the program began! Pay It Forward relies on donations which allows MAS to waive adoption fees for certain cats and dogs. Below explains how the program works.

What is Pay It Forward  Friends of Metro Animal Services, a local non-profit organization, initially donated $1,000 to cover free adoptions. FOMAS raised funds during its first-ever Pet Photos with Santa event at Animal House Adoption Center in 2016. An overwhelming success, the fundraiser paved the way for the first free adoptions of shelter pets. A variety of fundraisers continue to support the program.

How Does It Work  Fundraising events and private donations fund Pay It Forward, but money is also raised when puppies and kittens are adopted.

To adopt dogs less than 40 lbs., we ask for a minimum $100 donation. The minimum donation is $25 for kittens under six months of age. Money raised from these donations allows MAS to waive the adoption fee for cats older than 6 months, dogs over 40 lbs., Pit bulls and senior shelter pets. Of course you can donate any amount and Pay it Forward to help cover the cost  of future adoptions.

Why You Should Adopt from MAS Adopting instead of shopping saves lives. Shelter adoptions allow MAS to free space for incoming homeless pets so we don’t euthanize because of overcrowding. Shelter adoptions are also much cheaper than going to a breeder or rescue organization. You could easily spend $200 or more on just the adoption. Donations to our Pay it Forward program not only covers the adoption fee, but the cost of spay/neuter surgery, a microchip and all vaccinations. Expect to pay a lot more elsewhere.

What is the Adoption Process While MAS is waiving adoption fees it is not waiving the adoption process. You must fill out an application and be approved before taking home a furry companion! If you would like to adopt, you can view our adoptable pets here or at Animal House Adoption Center (3516 Newburg Rd.) If you’re are still looking after that, come to Metro Animals Services (3705 Manslick Rd.) and PAY IT FORWARD!

Want to help but can’t Adopt We appreciate all donations to keep our Pay it Forward program going and save the lives of shelter pets. You can donate any amount to FOMAS/Pay it Forward. Donate $75 or more and you’ll receive a free t-shirt saying ‘I Paid it Forward’. To make a donation, click here or visit Animal House Adoption Center (3516 Newburg Rd.).

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