Wednesday February 28, 2024
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City Announces New Public Art Grant Opportunity

Louisville Metro Government has announced a new public art opportunity with the Commission on Public Art and as part of Lean Into Louisville. This opportunity called “Untold Stories in Public Spaces” will support projects that memorialize and/or celebrate narratives that have not yet been recognized through an artistic lens in Louisville’s public spaces.

The grant was announced at a press conference while unveiling one of Louisville’s newest pieces of public art, “Inspirations + Aspirations,” by artist Bryan Holden, a pair of mosaic-style panels using 12,000 computer keyboards keys that depict portraits of civil rights and community advocate Manfred Reid and a 9-year-old Wheatley Elementary student. The artwork is currently hanging on an exterior wall of New Directions Housing Corporations’ Russell Apartments and facing Muhammad Ali Boulevard between 17th and 18th Streets. The artwork was made possible through the Fran Heuttig Public Art Projects Series, funded by the Fund for the Arts and 1619 Flux: Art + Activism. Two murals by artist Braylyn Stewart that are part of the Series are also located at 18th and Muhammad Ali.

“Public art is vital to building a dynamic and equitable city for all residents and it should represent all residents,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “Public art should also encourage dialogue which is exactly why this opportunity shares the same objective as Lean Into Louisville. I hope, through the new public art grant opportunity, we can explore narratives that have never been told in Louisville’s public spaces before, honor people whose accomplishments are not widely known and communities that are not heralded enough.” 

The current funding available for the “Untold Stories in Public Spaces” grant opportunity is $75,000, through the Louisville Public Space Art Fund. This opportunity is open to any 501c3 organization, working in partnership with an artist or group of artists. Available funding may be distributed over one or multiple projects. The application deadline is April 30.

The Louisville Public Space Art Fund was created as an implementation of the Louisville Public Art Master Plan, and is administered by the Commission on Public Art. The Fund is supported by fees contributed through private development, according to the Outdoor Amenity fee-in-lieu in the city’s Land Development Code.

In January, Fischer launched Lean Into Louisville, an unprecedented series of presentations, conversations, activities and art exhibits that will explore and confront the history and legacy of all forms of discrimination and inequality in the city and the country.

To submit an application and review the complete grant description for “Untold Stories in Public Spaces,” please visit…

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