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Metro Council To Honor Outstanding Community Leaders

On Thursday, February 21st the Metro Council’s Community Affairs and Housing Committee will hold a special meeting to honor outstanding residents and volunteers as part of its 17th Annual Black History Month Program.

“Reaffirming Our Diverse Culture” is the continuing theme of the program, which continues the month-long celebration of Black History in Louisville Metro.  The program begins at 12:00pm in Council Chambers, 601 West Jefferson Street.

          “Each year, the Metro Council takes a moment to shine the spotlight on citizens in our districts who work for change and help others,” says Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (D-2) who chairs the Committee.  “Through their efforts, our community is a better place to live.  This is one way of thanking them for what they do.”

          Two special groups will be honored during the program along with 23 individuals.  Below is a list of the honorees of for the 14th Annual Black History Program:

2019 Group Award: 

Kappa Alpha Psi

          The Louisville Chapter of this National Organization is being honored for its man community service projects in both Kentucky and Indiana. Most notably, the members deliver of food baskets to the needed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

2019 Honorees

  District     1                Eleanor Jordon

  District     2                Gloria Moorman

  District     3                Sgt. Tim Campbell

  District     4                Nachand Trabue

  District     5                Keith Morgan

  District     6                Norman D. Parker

  District     7                Natalie Thomas

  District     8                Tim Northern

  District     9                Janet Golden-Lewis

  District     10              Anthony Perry 

  District     11              Marland Cole

  District     12              Stevon Morris

  District     13              Yvette Gentry

  District     14              Marcus Howard

  District     15              Shelia Pitts

  District     16              Judge Erica Lee Williams 

  District     17              Rosalyn Griggs

  District     18              Madison Erin Roy

  District     19              Dr. Brigitte Owens

  District     20              Clarence Williams

  District     21              Tonya Cowden

  District     22               Jewel Daily

  District     23               Monica Sheckles

  District     24               Keanu Wilson

  District     25               Babie Bac’z Good Grill

  District     26               Karl Price

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