Tuesday April 23, 2024
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Council Members To Host Community Discussion Concerning Budget

President David James (D-6) will join Council Members Nicole George (D-21), Kevin Triplett (D-15) and Mark Fox (D-13) in hosting a Community Discussion for the public concerning the current pension and Insurance Tax Rate Ordinance and the Metro Budget Shortfall on Saturday, March 9th.

          “The Metro Council has made listening to the public a priority. It is important that we clear up any misinformation about the budget and pension situation. Council members are here to explain and listen, then move forward to solve this problem,” says President James.

          “I look forward to learning the community’s priorities for balancing the pension obligation and city services,” says Councilwoman George.

          “The city is very limited in ways, or options in how to generate the necessary funds to meet our pension obligation.  But we as a council have a responsibility to review all phases of our operation and reach an equitable solution which is why public input is critical,” said Triplett.

          “It is important we listen to the voice of the people as we work to navigate through this very difficult budget shortfall,” Says Councilman Fox.

           The Community Discussion is set for the First Gethsemane Center for Family Development at 1221 First Gethsemane Avenue. The event starts at 2:30pm.

          Also joining the President and Council Members will be Daniel Frockt, CFO of Metro Louisville, Major Josh Judah Commander of the LMPD Fourth Division, and Robert Kirchdorfer of Codes and Regulations.

         For more information about the Community Discussion, contact President James’ office at 574-1106.

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