Tuesday July 23, 2024
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Councilwoman Shanklin Applauds Efforts By An Alert Citizen And SWMS Enforcement In Catching Illegal Dumping

Solid Waste Management Systems Enforcement officers have located an impounded the first vehicle of 2019 for illegal dumping in Louisville Metro.

A citizen photographed an individual on March 7th who was dumping debris in the 4400 block of Bardstown Road. The citizen then contacted SWMS, who located the individual and he admitted to the illegal dumping and the vehicle was impounded.

“I want to thank the alert citizen who caught this activity and I also want to thank SWMS officers for their continued follow through to catch illegal dumpers in our city,” says Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (D-2). “When the Metro Council changed the law to impound vehicles for dumping, the message was simple: if you are going to illegally dump in our city, it will be costly if we catch you.”

The individual was issued a citation totaling $500, and the owner will have to pay approximately $250 for impound and storage fees.

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