Sunday May 19, 2024
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President James Announces Creation of New Ad Hoc Committee To Review Efficiencies And Long-Range Solutions For Metro Government

Photo: Louisville Metro Council

President David James (D-6) announces the creation of a special Ad Hoc Committee on Efficiencies to review all operations of Metro Government in order to find savings and long-range solutions to deal with potential funding challenges.

          “The current situation we are dealing with is an opportunity to take a realistic and practical look at what Metro Government is facing when it comes to funding and operations,” said James. “It is my hope this committee will be able to finalize a game plan to deal with future funding challenges on the local and state level while Metro Government continues to deliver vital services to our constituents.” 

          The President has named Councilman David Yates (D-25) to chair the new Ad Hoc Committee. Councilman Anthony Piagentini (R-19) will serve as Vice Chair. The President has also asked Council Members Paula McCraney (D-7), Brandon Coan (D-8), Kevin Kramer (R-11), Kevin Triplett (D-15) and Nicole George (D-21) to serve on the Committee.

          “It is my goal to find alternative solutions to the budget deficit caused by the pension crisis, beyond the Mayor’s proposed tax increase, while simultaneously taking a hard look at Metro’s budget so we can cut the fat,” said Councilman Yates.“We need to identify waste and redundancies so we have a lean budget that tax payers know is focused on funding the essential functions and requirements of government first.”

          Currently, Metro Louisville is dealing with increased pension contributions from the state, increased health care costs, and a decline in local revenues.

          “In listening to the public who have come to many meetings on the budget situation, it has become clear: tax increases are not popular and at the same time there are programs and services that people do not want cut,” said the President. “It is my hope this new committee will be able to help us look past just dealing with an immediate crisis and provide insight into sustaining reasonable operations of government.”

          The Ad Hoc Committee has been asked to get underway and present its recommendations before final passage of the FY 2019-2020 Capital and Operating Budgets.

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