Tuesday July 23, 2024
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Councilman Triplett Praises SWMS Officers For Impounding Fourth Vehicle Of The Year

Councilman Kevin Triplett (D-15) is praising Solid Waste Management Services Enforcement Officers for their persistence in impounding a fourth vehicle that was involved in two separate acts of illegal dumping.

The first was in the 3600 block of Parthenia Avenue, then the second was in 4100 block of Craig Avenue.

“These Officers deserve our thanks as a community for not giving up when it comes to catching illegal dumpers,” says Triplett. “We, on the Metro Council, continue to send a very strong message that if you decided to illegally dump in our neighborhoods, it will be costly when we catch you.”

According to SWMS, officers where looking for a truck that was witnessed on surveillance cameras being used to dump tree debris in the 3600 block of Parthenia Ave. back in February of this year. SWMS Enforcement was unable to locate the owner of the truck at that time.

Last month, SWMS Enforcement Officers were investigating a separate illegal dumping case in the 4100 block of Craig Ave. During that investigation, it was learned the citizen they were investigating for dumping on Craig Ave. paid someone to haul off and dispose of the material.

Officers received information on the individual, and it turned out to be the same person they were looking for that dumped on Parthenia in February.  

According to SWMS, in total, the illegal dumper will owe $1,500 and approximately $250 impound fees.

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