Wednesday February 28, 2024
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Louisville Ranked Number One for Spring Allergies

Spring Allergy Capitals 2014Louisville received a dubious distinction when it topped the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America list of 2014’s Spring Allergy Capitals.  This climb from last year’s 5th place ranking marks the third time that Louisville has ranked number one since the AAFA has been releasing the list.  Of course, for many in the Ohio River Valley, this announcement does not come as any surprise at all.

The list of the “100 most challenging places to live with allergies” is based off of data that factors pollen scores (including airborne grass, tree and weed pollen as well as mold spores), number of allergy medications used per patient and the number of allergy specialists per patient.

The full list of Allergy Capitals gives Louisville a maximum score of 100 points, followed by Memphis, Baton Rouge, Oklahoma City and Jackson, Mississippi in the top five with scores rapidly dropping off.  The average score of the 100 worst cities was just below 60.

Nearly 45 million Americans are living with nasal allergies and 25 million have asthma. These patients already have a chronic sensitivity to things like pollen, mold and other airborne allergens, but they can also be more susceptible to rapid changes in temperature and moisture, and to catching a common cold or flu. A blending of the winter and spring means these patients are at risk of multiple symptoms simultaneously. But with the proper planning and early treatment, patients can prepare and find relief.

Keep your eye out for AAFA’s Fall Allergy list to be released in September.

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