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KY General Elections 2015

Election day will be Tuesday, November 3rd this year. There is a hotly contested race for Governor this year as well as a few other state positions. Locally, there are a few Small City elections occurring throughout the county, one City Council seat and one District Judge seat. Listed below are the people running at the state and county level. Please check your sample ballot (see below) for other elections that may be in your area.


Secretary of State

Attorney General

Auditor of Public Accounts

State Treasurer

Commissioner of Agriculture

Commonwealth’s Attorney

  • Carrie L. Ovey-Wiggins (D)

District Judge 

  • Daniel M. Alvarez
  • Judith Bartholomew
  • Andre L. Bergeron
  • Sandy Berman
  • Josephine Layne Buckner
  • Dennis Clay Burke
  • Dawn Elliott
  • R.A. Florio
  • James Michael Green
  • Bob Heleringer
  • L.J. “Todd” Hollenbach
  • Danny T. Karem
  • Ellie Garcia Kerstetter
  • Michael J. Leibson
  • Ruth E. Lerner
  • C. Fred Partin
  • Chuck Rogers
  • Ron Schwoeppe
  • J.P. Ward
  • Eric C. White
  • Benjamin F. Wyman

Polls open at 6:00 AM and will be open until 6:00 PM. As long as you are in line by 6:00 PM, you will be able to vote.To find your voting location and a sample ballot, please click on the Where Do I Vote? link on the County Clerk’s website.

If you have not registered to vote, you can still register, however, you will be ineligible to vote in this election. You will be eligible in the next election cycle. If you unsure if you are registered, you can check at the Voter Information Center.

To vote in this election:

  • If you are unable to vote on election day, you have a few options.  You may qualify for a mailed absentee ballot.  If you don’t qualify for a paper ballot, you may still be eligible to vote early at the County Clerk’s office in the 2 weeks leading up to the election.  For a complete list of eligibility requirements, see the State Board of Elections webpage.
  • Voters must provide identification at the polling location.  Acceptable forms of identification are:  Driver’s License, Social Security Card, a credit card or another ID containing a photo and a signature.  If you do not have identification, you have the right to vote on a provisional ballot. Provisional voting is for Federal elections only and will not include any state or city election information.
  • If a voter’s name does not appear in the register at their polling location, they have the right to have an immediate hearing at the county board of elections and to vote on a provisional ballot.
  • If voters need assistance at the voting location, the poll workers are there to help.  Voters may notify one of the election officers at their location that they need help, and the voter should expect to be helped by two officers:  one Democrat and one Republican, to ensure unbiased assistance.
  • You do not need to be registered with a party to vote in the general election. However, Kentucky has closed primaries; this means voters can only vote in the primary election of the party with which they are registered.  It also means that if you select “Other,” you can only vote in nonpartisan city and judicial primaries.
  • To learn more about your rights as voter, visit the informational page on the Secretary of State’s website.

As a reminder, it against the law for a voter to impersonate another person to vote, to vote under a false name, and to vote more than once in an election.  It is also unlawful for any person or group to influence a voter’s decision through force, threat, menace, intimidation, bribery, or reward.  If a voter feels that their right to vote has been violated, they should contact the County or State Board of Elections, the Attorney General’s Election Fraud Hotline, or notify any of the elections officers are their polling location.



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